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 Hi everybody! The most famous Russian-to 9 other languages dictionary (Lingvo) recently launched world-wide site http://www.lingvo.com/

They provide
free online dictionary service. You can translate Russian to English, German, French, Italian, Spanish online. 
You can rely on those dictionaries, they are full and up-to date.
Hope this will be helpful.
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Hi! Thank you for all of your help with my last post about imperfective/perfective verbs. I'm not quite sure if I have it down perfectly, but underneath the cut is my attempt at identifying imperfective/perfective verbs in the text. At times, the only way I am able to distinguish the two are through the prefixes. Though other times, the context (words like сначала, потом, наконец, уже) helps me figure it out too.

identifying imperfective/perfective verbs )
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Greetings, I am just in the preliminary stages of learning Russian and I am in need of getting a phrase translated. The full phrase for context is:
The Church is near,
the bar is far,
the road is icy,
I shall walk carefully.

I need either the whole phrase or just the last line "I shall walk carefully" translated.

Thanks in advance!
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This is quite a strange request, but does anybody have any good quotes from Tolstoy or Dostoyevsky (or any other Russian writers) about their opinions on writing and creativity? I've tried wikiquote in Russian, but the language was a little too complex for me. I really want them to be in the original Russian with an English translation. I need them for paragraph headers for an essay I'm writing for my English class, you're not doing my homework for me, don't worry!



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