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I've heard some (relatively-)modern Russian music that was just brilliant and even had my main lecturer's seal of approval for training your ear for Good Russian™ (see post about Zemfira ;)). As admirable as this is, it means it will train me to not understand a word of Real Russian™ (for better or worse)-- though I could make great... political speeches? get good marks at uni? woo Russian girls? ;)

Anyway, it was still lovely. It was a vocal/keyboard/ballady type female artist who sang Anna Akhmatova's work as lyrics... or was it Marina Tsvetaeva's? Does anyone know who this vocal angel is?

Or even, does anyone know any other "good" modern Russian music? It seems that, besides Zemfira, all Russia produces rock and dance music that is very... Russian (for lack of a better explanation). Obviously the world has a smorgasbord of musical tastes, but something about (most) Russian music seems a bit... masochistic? ;)
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I've been monitoring the community for some time and came up with something to say.

We all know a nice way to learn a language is to listen to music and follow the lyrics.

But in a search for simple language some of you start listening to Russian pop, which has an incredible amount of disadvantages:

Bad quality of the musci product (even if you love pop, by the american standartsrussian artists are terrible)

The language is more than simple - the lyrics are designed to be loved by not (yet or ever) educated, low-cultured mass (I know I'm rough but hey, let's be honest) - you guys should have better standarts.

Thay make a lot of mistakes, ignore the language rules

So I'd say if you advanced from the very basic level, or even if you are still there, but are looking for some quality simple Russian, you have to make a better choice.

So I wanted to try making up a list of good bands and artists, splitting'em into genre groups and by difficulty, also giving a short description and a link for their website.
This table could be linked on the community main page and availible to anyone interested.

I guess the process would be fun for all the members (share your experience!!), we'll quickly come up with the first version of the list and later will add things there.

I'll start with a comment, I guess. :)
Please try not just naming the artist, but giving some info on the level and type of language, type of music and official sources of downloads.

P. S.
I know it was discussed a lot of times, but it's just another reason to finally create a compehensive source of info.


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