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I want to purchase a book called Картинно-ситуативный словарь русского языка (Situational Picture Dictionary of Russian ). It's available on, but the shipping cost is ridiculous ($33 from the U.S. to France), and I can't find it on,,, etc.. It shows up on a few other sites in google, but they're in Russian and I can't read that much yet. Does anyone know of any online stores where I can find it with more reasonable shipping costs to France? I guess maybe I can use a translator for a non-English website if it's something you know of and trust, but something in English would be nice. Or alternatively, any other visual monolingual Russian dictionary I can buy online? I would really appreciate it.
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Hi. I'm Russian, my boyfriend is American and I wanted to get him a decent book he can teach himself some Russian with. I know the book is not exactly ideal, but the other methods (classroom, tutors, etc) are not an option right now. Of course I can explain to him things her wouldn't understand from the book, but if should be a good book to start with.

I went to and found lots of books and lots of reviews ranging from "this book was the best" to "this was useless" for the same product.  I was wondering if people here could help me choose a book by sharing their experiences.

I've found these books to be popular:

The New Penguin Russian Course: A Complete Course for Beginners - unfortunately this one doesn't have any CDs or tapes to listen to...

Teach Yourself Russian Complete Course Package (Book + 2CDs)

Oxford Take Off in Russian: 4 CDs

This one people didn't like: Basic Russian: Learn to Speak and Understand Russian with Pimsleur Language Programs (Simon & Schuster's Pimsleur)

Have anyone had experience with any of these books, or any other books when trying to teach themselves Russian?

Thanks a lot!

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So, I've been in something of a Napoleonic kick recently, and thought I would finally attempt to slag through War and Peace. My question - Is it worth it to try to do it in Russian? I've read a bit of Tolstoy (short stories mostly) and some other classic authors in Russian already, so I'm sure I could do it, but the book is seriously massive, so I'm afraid it would be a bit too big of an undertaking.

Would I be better off reading the majority of it in English and only doing certain bits in Russian? If so, which passages should I pick out? Is there a "reader" out there for students of Russian trying to tackle the infamous tome?


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