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For those native English speakers who want to practice in translating from Russian to English

Hello everyone!

Before posting this I've checked the rules - seems I don't break any of them :)

I need my articles, blog postings, texts for my videos etc. translated to English. I believe that the best is to ask for it someone who's native. My texts are mostly about music, I can speak English a lil bit (as you may have noticed reading this :), and know all the terminology used for describing all that muscial and guitar stuff.

Who is interested - please comment or PM me, send your conditions, requirements and what would you want for that (eg payment for certain amount of text etc).

My website to check out what will you work with:


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Nice try. :)
I've tried ( - suitable for FREE software translation
and ( - a bit more friendly, I still await ~ 2 years my projects to be translated 100% (on different languages).
Good luck. Feel free to recommend other web-sites.
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