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A foreigner shot himself dead after trying to translate this from Russian:
"За песчаной косой лопоухий косой пал под острой косой косой бабы с косой..."

P.S. I had to read it three times to understand the whole phrase. What about you? ;)

Update: classic "косил косой косой косой" has at least two completely different meanings..

What about dialog in ukrainian?

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Мыкола! В зоопарке був? Як як?
-Як - як як.

Re: What about dialog in ukrainian?

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No wonder. Ukrainian language is practically the same as Russian.

No wonder, indeed.

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Тем более, что это не украинский у него, это на суржике написано.
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Nope, it was easy. But that's becaues I've heard before "Коси косой косой косой". ;)

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Understood after first time because I've met more hardcore variant: "Косил косой-косой косой косой Косой косой косой косой косой"

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Nothing special, I can think of worse examples.

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Take Russian profanities, for example. There's a classic example of a colourful obscene speech using only one root for all the words and meaning: «Wow! You did much too much! For what purpose, why have you idiots loaded such a huge amount of this crappy stuff? Are you totally crazy, you stupid morons? Enough being lazy, unload this crap faster!»

I'm not sure if rules here allow mat in all its glory. :)
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Three times? Seriously? With all those adjectives and other words making structure of the phrase pretty clear? Buffalo buffalo send their regards.