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translating a dialogue from a film

I have a fun one for you all. Anyone want to try to translate this hilarious and untranslatable dialogue from the film Free Floating (Svobodnoe plavanie, Khlebnikov, 2006)? Here's my version below...

Ну и чё ты?

А ты чё?

Да работа чё. А ты чё?

Да я так..

Ну чё пока?


"-Well, what?

-You, what?

-Well, I'm working, that's what.

And what's with you?

-Oh, you know...

-Well, bye then?

-Alright cya."


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I would translate the first two remarks as:
- Well, howya doin'?
- Howya doin', yourself?
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or "what's up?", you get the idea

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I think "what's up" sounds much better.

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I'm not sure, it sounds to me like a sightly agressive conversation. I think upthera44's translation is rather accurate.

Thopugh it's hard to say for sure without hearing the dialoge and in what tone it was said (and in what context).

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а что за фильм? Не узнаю.